Project manager: franco scarano

Firmware: paolo bastiancich

Hardware: vincenzo lombardo

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An Open source home automation system





Yakko is an open source home automation project based on yakko protocol.

Yakko Protocol is the standard protocol used to communicate over a yakko network.


It represents the logical structure used to connect electrical and electronic objects such as switches, lamps, analogical probes and so on.


The project was borned in 2002 and is still under development.

It consists of firmware based on ATMEL Avr Risc Microcontrollers and some administration software for Linux and Windows os.


Because it is an open source projects all the software and firmware are freely available for downloading and hosted at .


An evaluation Kit is available for development and tests.

All the suggestion are appreciate to you. Feel free to contact us.


The Yakko Team.



Tel.: +39 06 90024933

Fax: +39 06 90024933